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Hunter Quinn Homes Rock the Block Egypt & Mike Kitchen

Episode Guide

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Season 3, Ep. 6 | Finale Showdown


Each design team has worked hard over the course of 6 weeks to achieve the goal of adding the most value to their homes. Each team took a different approach in how to add value, but in the end, Egypt & Mike took home the grand finale win of the season by adding an excess of $400,000 worth of value to their home!

Egypt & Mike Winning Exterior.jpg

Season 3, Ep. 5 | Exterior Showdown


With team Dave and Jenny taking the FROG win by storm, the design teams shift their focus this week on completing the home exteriors and creating the best outdoor space conducive for Carolina living.

CREM_133 Sandy Bend_065.jpg

Season 3, Ep. 4 | F.R.O.G Showdown


The #TwinWin was big last week with their unique approach to adding square footage and laundry to the main suite, this week the competition is fierce!

The teams shift their focus this week on making sure to add value to their frog and upstairs loft space.

Many of the teams went into the frog space thinking "income" and investment. The winning team however took a bold approach in completely removing their 2nd story loft space and instead add a large laundry room with adjacent study space for kids.

CREM_135 Sandy Bend_007.jpg

Season 3, Ep. 3| Main Suite Showdown


With team Egypt and Mike taking the win in the last episode, the design teams gear up to make their main suites forces to be reckoned with!



Season 3, Ep. 2 | Living Room Showdown

With team Dave and Jenny taking the win in Episode 1, the design teams shift their focus this week on creating the best living and entry space that maximizes the value of their homes.

Guest judge and season 2 winner of Rock the Block, Jasmine Roth, saw the genius in extending the entry space by adding square footage and ultimately determined that Egypt and Mikes space won the challenge!